Sharing the highs and lows of life as an Attention Deficit (future) Doctor

Neurodiverse medics exist. We’re your friends, your seniors, and your colleagues.

Attention Deficit Doctor is a resource for all those wishing to learn more about ADHD and those who have it, in the medical profession and beyond.

ADHD Essentials

From diagnosis to medication, and everything in between


In the Thrive section, you can find ADHD-friendly tips and strategies to help you reach new heights.

From overcoming procrastination, to planning and prioritisation, here are all the hacks that have got me through medical school so far.

Symptom Spotlight

The Symptom Spotlight series shines a light on all the different traits and characteristics that make ADHD what it is.

We explain why ADHD brains have these quirks, and what you can try to get on top of them – but always in the spirit of self-acceptance.

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